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My name is Jason Davey and I specialise in helping people how to be in the service of others. I am a change agent. I am a cognitive designer.

What is a cognitive designer?

I currently hold the position of Design Principal at an Australian
based Design & Architecture firm – located in Sydney.

FromHereOn utilises an approach combines human-centered
design and strategic architecture methods, helping clients
realise ambitious possibilities to innovate and stay ahead
of the competition.

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Connecting is what it is to be human. Authentic memories through our experiences create our ability to find commonality with others. As a designer, I find it imperative to build connections via developing relationships – to discover peoples' needs.

People helping people.

This simple statement provides me with drive and enthusiasm when I’m neck-deep helping or coaching a team of empowered individuals to forge together towards a common goal.

The power of my design success lies within my heart.

You can find more about me on my Linkedin profile,
or just send me an Email.

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Respectfully questioning WHY is a vital part of understanding. You can never ask WHY too many times. Root-cause drives progress...and a VISION helps shape it into something more meaningful.

As a designer, I’m constantly acknowledging how my perspectives affect how I make sense of things – WHY helps me do that, so I can baseline my thoughts.

We do our best creating when we know why we are creating in the first place.
~ Melis Senova, This Human 2017

A recent example of CHALLENGE was put to the test within a large British Telco, where the objective was to ‘create a new way of working’…that can stick and last the distance of enterprise transformation.

Check out the Da Vinci project


The intention of this programme is to deliver ‘standard IT services’ to a large British Telco and it's six Lines Of Business (LOBs) and technology partners from a newly created organisation.

Plotting the new course...

The Da Vinci approach is to challenge the mindset of the leadership team and the first IT Design Squad, by embedding design thinking & human-centredness in every interaction.

What did the programme involve?

As the Design Principal on the programme, my responsibilities were to galvanize and build a design capability to enable the client to start on it’s new cultural and operational change mission.

Design activities

  • Design strategy
  • Design coaching
  • Storytelling & communications

Are they there yet?

The initial engagement was 12 weeks long.

The intent for success was to use a design-thinking framework and human-centred activities to shake up current values and ways of working that were not helping progress.

The second part of the engagement is currently in progress and will be complete at the end of March 2018.

Engagement focus areas – % completion (to date)

Design Strategy 90%
Design Coaching 40%
Storytelling & communications 50%


This is the FUN part of the innovative process – and almost everyone on your team will default to getting to the solution or answer immediately.

As a change facilitator, I can be stubborn when it comes to this bit…particularly pushing the team to continue to explore and experiment upon ideas generated.

Therin lies the power of the VISION…it will continue to guide your thoughts and progress around finding the right thing.


How do you know if CHANGE has occurred?

If CONNECTING is the mechanism for understanding others, then FEEDBACK is the channel where you gain proof of whether you've achieved empathy.

I find myself continually striving to improve my effective listening skills – it isn’t easy, as sometimes the balance of being a supporting influencer in coaching the process of design means I’m transmitting more than listening.

Therefore, I aim to be as mindful as possible when communicating.



If you're seeking someone authentic & energetic in the approach to being in the service of others, then I'd love to hear from you.

In a digital world of choice, here are a couple more locations for you to find out more about the work I've done. More updates on this site to come soon.

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